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I do not suffer from a GAC addiction I love every minute of it. My Ghost Adventures Fan Blog Dedicated to my favorite GAC Guys Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin and Billy Tolley. Just another GAC Fan. Peace, Love and GAC!
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I am hearing a lot of negativity about the show and the recaps. I just want to say what GAC means to me. Before GAC I never believed in ghosts at all I was as skeptical as anyone. When I first starting watching the show I thought it was scripted as bad as the reality shows but I gave it a chance and now that I have followed the show and the guys I understand their passion and the reason for doing this. The guys have been through so much with this bad stuff following them home and everything else I respect them and their mission. They are trying to find answers for some of the questions some of us are afraid to ask. When something opens my mind and thoughts to something new I am very interested. I understand the reruns and recaps maybe redundant but networks do what they have to do to make and keep a show running. None of us can probably imagine the rules and regulations shows and networks need to follow. I do not know about you but without GAC and the GAC family I would be lost. Not only because of the show but because of the good friends and support I have gotten from the GAC Family my life has been so blessed. So please keep supporting GAC without their fans they would not be the thing you see today. The fan base has grown so much but without our support GAC Friday will be a distant memory. Although I understand nothing good lasts forever I need the GAC Family in my life. If not for the show and the guys but for the good friends and blessings the GAC Family has brought you please show your support. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the GAC Family for their support and blessings they have brought to my life. End rant I hope it inspires you to continue your support….

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